I have nothing but gratitude for the kind words. I take pride in providing the best service to all my clients. 

I really enjoy helping people and this is another way I put in the best effort to give each client the best result possible.

If you’re a novice or a professional, you will get the same white-glove treatment.  💖

  As the Great Lao Tzu stated, “I have just three things to teach: simplicity, patience, compassion. These three are your greatest treasures.”  

These are the three things I live by to create the results for every client. Thank you for allowing me to be in your life and trusting me with your business.


Khotin Impact Strategies helps institutional investors and foundations navigate the ESG and Impact Investing field and identify ways to increase their impact and sustainability.

Engaging O’Neil was the best decision I could have made!

I’ve never developed or managed a website before, and was frankly terrified. O’Neil held my hand through the whole process. He was super responsive, very clear at every step, was accommodating, patient, and respectful in situations when somebody else in his position might have made me feel like an incompetent luddite, and followed up to make sure that everything was going well, which ensured that I felt equally comfortable asking him even the stupidest questions. I would recommend O’Neil to anybody and everybody.”
Tanya client
Tanya Khotin


Delivering quality IT solutions, support and services for Windows and Macintosh networks tailored to your specific business needs.

"White Glove Service I will Use Again"

"O'Neil is loyal, a man of integrity, and has been attentive from Day 1. Everything I asked for, including the different layouts and color theme options, was completed on time. He answered emails and phone calls the same day, which is perfect. My website mobile view needed so much work, and O'Neil made it user-friendly on all devices (Desktop, Ipad, Cell Phones). I launched a marketing campaign on the back burner for months with my new website, and the response was all positive. Thank you, O'Neil"
john david acumen1
John David


Christina Magee, Esq., Florida Supreme Court Certified Circuit Civil, County and Appellate Mediator has more than twenty-five years of experience representing injured parties, corporate and individual defendants, and insurance companies.

"Amazing Designs and Quality Work!"

" I was very pleased with the outcome of O’Neil’s work on my site. I needed the site to be updated, ADA-compliant and to function seamlessly between devices. I got all that and more – advice to improve my SEO as well as for overall site maintenance and operation from the back-end. His work was on-time and done correctly. Overall a thumbs up! "
Christina Magee
Christina Magee, ESQ


Nicky Sunshine is an actress, stand up comic, producer, improv artist, and writer.

"White Glove Service I will Use Again"

O’Neil Wilson’s attention to detail and timely response to requests has been amazing for my business. He goes above and beyond to ensure that his customers’ online presence is as professional and competitive as possible.
Nicky Sunshine Client
Nicky Sunshine


Comedian and businessman Jamie Roberts has been in the entertainment field for over 20 years. This includes comedy, TV shows and, his new radio station, 108 Soul. His unforgettable, contagious, and trademark laughter sets him apart from all others in the comedy world. Check out 108soul.com, one of the best radio stations online.

"I would recommend his services"

"I have worked with O'Neil on other marketing campaigns but this is the first time I used his website building services. The turnaround time was fast and we were able to update another one of my websites within a week's time. O'Neil's customer service was very professional and he even book some time to show me how to edit the websites. Job well done."
Jamie Roberts
Jamie Roberts


One Fly Life is a full-service travel agency, travel & lifestyle blog. I focus on eco-friendly travel options, eco-adventures, and nature travel. Check out travel-related products and environmentally sustainable products as well.

"I highly recommend O'Neil"

"O'Neil is amazing at what he does. I have a blog on WordPress where O'Neil helped me to change my design, make it readable on all devices and made it faster. O'Neil is knowledgeable, and extremely detail oriented. He understood my style and design and helped me to make it look cleaner and more reader-friendly. He also provided videos and screenshots to assist me in changing my settings on my own. He is easy to work with and very prompt in his responses. I highly recommend O'Neil for any website needs you might have. "
Stacy oneflylife
Stacy Conover
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